Jihel uses scrap to create vertical figures, inclined to rise up. The sculpture "Samurai" in particular releases a strong impression of detachment and serenity. In the same way, "Transition" or "Victory" symbolize the desire to delve into the spiritual world without losing touch with the ground.
The works are steel figures to the slim forms where the spirit of the martial arts, in particular Aikido, are manifest source of inspiration. An original work which combines aesthetic research and a spiritual dimension.

Jacques Henri – La Nouvelle République
To look at his sculptures, which play with transparency and become Chinese shades on the walls of the hall, one is struck by the acuteness of his work with the line.

Alternating between the desire to name and interpret each work of art and the desire for abstraction which takes shape in the purity of the forms, the result is works of art that are alive, stirring by means of the movement which they induce.
Danièle Villeneuve – La Renaissance
  «To make a way of life solid like iron yet transparent like the light,
that is the turn of force by which Jihel has succeeded. »

Michel Yacger – Consultant en projet de vie
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