In 1993, JIHEL discovered sculpting at the Art school in Blois. During the next ten years, sculpture became the filigree of his life. In 1998, the discovery of steel working became the backbone of Jihel's future achievements. Jihel thus revisits three generations of shoe-making and blacksmithing in his family.
In 2003, Jihel decided to launch and carry out finally his ideas full-time.

I worked on a symbolic system based on personal development. I am particularly interested in the essential musings that we negotiate throughout our lives. In the end, there are those who decide to live their dreams, forgetting external conditioning and will eventually truly approach themselves...

Since 2007, i worked on performance in interactivity with the public. I put my studio anywhere (parks, supermarkets, exhibitions,..) and i propose to people giving to me a message. I shape this message and put it in the sculpture. We also catch together an instant in space.
The hearth of the forging mill,